"I have read 214 books in the last 11 years. Since 1997, I have read 67 books about personal transformation. Of all those, The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul is the most important book I have ever read. No book has changed my life more than this one!"
                — Jim Van Wyck, Bookstore Owner

Dear Fellow Book Lover,

With your permission, I am going to send you one of the most important and exciting books ever released by an American author. News of this surprising best seller is spreading like wildfire among readers of all ages.

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My name is Jim Van Wyck. I am the founding owner of one of Canada's most popular bookstores, Words Worth Books. I am writing to introduce you to a little known modern classic. There is a simple reason I am so passionate about it.

No book has changed my life more.

Here's a brief sample of what some other readers say ….

Rosanne Welch, producer of
Touched by an Angel

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"SUBLIME . . .
How wisdom can penetrate every niche of life."
—Larry Dossey, best selling author of
Time, Space & Medicine

The story's extraordinary power to transform your life is the reason it was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Since then, interviews of author Dr. Michael Norwood have been broadcast on over 300 radio and TV stations worldwide, his story changing the lives of countless people like yourself.

"Dr. Norwood has codified his knowledge
of spirituality and practicality in The Wealthy Soul series."

Soon after reading this book you will…

  •     Experience a renewed sense of faith and hope.

  •     A sense of joy will begin filtering into your life.

  •     You will understand the key to deep forgiveness of yourself and others.

  •     Begin experiencing great delight from the little things in life.


of how to enrich your life materially and spiritually".
—Marlo Morgan, best selling author of
Mutant Message Downunder.

And that's just a small "taste" of what's in store for you.

The 9 Insights Of The Wealthy Soul has been featured in The Atlanta Constitution, Wall Street Journal, The Arizona Republic, and even the prestigious NAPRA Review.

I cannot stress how powerfully this book will affect your life. There is no other book quite like this anywhere. The tiny trickle of deep enduring breakthroughs readers report is building to a torrent of transformation.

You can share in this without sending any money.

And it's all completely guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

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"Hi, this is Deborah Leff."
"Michael… I have to tell you that I just finished reading
The Making of the Wealthy Soul. It is one of

the most inspirational and beautiful books
I've ever written,{ I mean} ever read. I wish I did write it! Give me a call back. I'd like to order a few for for some friends and a father who was just diagnosed with cancer. You are absolutely amazing.
What a gift this book is.
Thank you so very much!"

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with the ability to convey volumes in
the description of a single moment."
- NAPRA Review

Michael Norwood offers us a gift:
intimacy, joy, self-awareness, faith,
and so much more."
- Rev. Miriam A. Needham,
Director of Pastoral Education,
Crawford Long Hospital of Emory University.

- Sister Teresa McIntyre, Catholic Family Services

Please do whatever you can do
to make sure it is readily available."
- Ronnie Kaye, President, Compassion in Action

I was afraid the story would lose altitude.
But from there it took flight and
never stopped soaring."
- David Rybak, author of Dreams that Come True

Perhaps now you are beginning to see why this beautifully written book is causing such a sensation. It will cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life, on every level. And not just in how you think, and feel about your life….

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A Guaranteed Way To Experience Your Life
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a story of the most
beautiful transformations of life."

Michael Norwood is a wonderful, wonderful writer…"
- Sara Flanigan, multi-award winning
screenwriter and author of Sudie and Alice.

in its interweaving of spiritual and
secular needs and realties."
- Al Frank, editor of The Prudent Speculator


There is so much more I could say about this marvellous book, and it's 2 guidebook companions.

I could go on for at least 20 more pages…..
but if you are not yet ready to appreciate that The 9 Insights Of The Wealthy Soul may very well be the best book you will ever read, perhaps you never will.

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I am deeply touched by this story from a beautiful lady named Barbara. She read The Wealthy Soul series while facing a terminal illness. Just click the purple "PLAY" arrow button below Barbara's Photo:


We simply cannot stop the stories from pouring in.

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In Conclusion…..

If I am correct, this book is exactly what you need, right now!

In this wacky world we live in today, where everything seems to be distracting you from your life goals, I can say with the utmost confidence, this book will absolutely provide you with the mindset, information, skills, and permanent habits that you need to make simple and powerful changes throughout your life.

If you are only willing enough to give this a try… I will guarantee your success. It won't take years. It won't even be months before you see amazing changes. Literally days from now you can start experiencing the soaring feelings of personal transformation..

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In summary, I wish you the best of success with every aspect of your life. I sincerely hope to hear from you as soon as possible, so that you can have the success you so richly deserve.



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Author, Michael Norwood

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